Sverdlovskaya oblast, Verhnyaya Pyshma, 2007

Since 2005 our company have been using the products made by NPO Vakuummash. The practice had shown that the thermocouples of your manufacture better keep their metrological characteristics in use than analogous products from other manufacturers (METRAN, CHTP, OVEN, etc.). Beside that, the undoubtful advantages are wide selection of equipment, two-year calibration interval and the supply of product passport with a note on initial calibration for each item, not just per batch.

We also want to note fast resolution of questions and high professional qualities of your specialists (Vahromeeva N. A., Surnin V. I.).

I hope that your collaboration will continue to be as fruitful as it is in the present.

B. S. Gorodenker
Head of automation management