Udmurtskaya Respublika, Izhevsk, 2016

In response to your request I let you know that in January 2016 OAO Udmurtneft had received, for testing, RTDs by your manufacture, namely TSMv-1388-02-1500C-50M-B4-C10 (of TU 4211-036-39375199-11) in the quantity of 4 pieces.

The stated RTDs were installed on our sectional centrifugal pumps. The temperature of outer environment at the site is -40…+40C, the measurement temperature is up to +100C.

During the testing period which is still on, your RTDs have shown reliability (not a single failure was registered), stable operability and measurement characteristics.

In conclusion we esteem products of OOO NPO Vakuummash as good for use in the systems of control at similar sites in oil industry.

V.P. Troynikov
Head of automation department and IT management