Udmurtskaya respublika, Izhevsk 2007

OOO Savazh, with a need related to measurement of temperature on thermal equipment, have come to OOO TD Vakuummash to have the following items manufactured:

  • Standardized output signal thermocouple UTHA-K.103-2-2-1-80/120-5/S10-HA-4/20-0/1000-0,5 – 1 item
  • Standardized output signal thermocouple UTHA-K.204-2-1-1-T45/2-400-HA-4/20-0/1200-0,5 – 1 item
  • Two-channel meter E-IT-2-AT-N1-2I – 1 item

All equipment manufactured by OOO TD Vakuummash maintains stated characteristics within  the error limits

No complaints regarding quality of products of OOO TD Vakuummash were had during the entire use period.

We thank your for working with us and hope for further fruitful work.

Safronov A. G.