For the control of temperature of the process at the oil and gas facilities we recommend using the explosion-safe temperature sensors. NPO Vakuummash produces:

  • cable thermocouples THA-K Ex, THK-K Ex, TNN Ex, TZHK Ex;
  • RTDs TSP-Ex, TSM-Ex;
  • temperature sensors with standardized output signal UTP Ex, UTS Ex of explosion-safe marking Exi «intrinsic safety», and of explosion-safe marking Exd «flameproof»;
  • transmitted-installed temperature sensors PI-T-Exi, PI-S-Exi, VM-Exi with Exi marking;
  • multi-point temprature sensors TPM for measuring temperature gradient at different levels and in different spots at the same time: in catalytic reactors for oil products manufacturing, columns and reservoirs; during processes of isomerisation, alcalizing, hydropurification, hydrocracking, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming. Their use allows to accurately measure the distribution of temperature gradient and the change of temperature in different layers, and as a result to increase the efficiency.

As for the protection of temperature sensors working in high pressure environments, NPO Vakuummash manufactures various thermowells, which allow for mounting of the sensors without any process downtime.