Krasnoyarskiy kray, Krasnoyarsk, 2002

With this letter I would like to communicate that the thermocouples THAv-2388-01 (sheath material 15Cr25Ti) have been introduced into use at our company in 2001

The following equipment is being used at the following machinery and processes:

  • Starting cell / internal air space / heating with burners up to 810°C
  • Continuous measurement mode for 4 days, service life – 6 starts
  • Mixer / vault (air space between metal and heating elements) from 800 to 820°C in continuous measurement mode, service life – 6 months
  • Mixer / liquid metal from 700 to 720°C (before installation of the thermocouple the mixer is coated with heat-resistant coating) in continuous measurement mode, service life – 1 month.

For the time of use there were no complaints about the quality of the equipment.

A. I. Osipov
Head SGM laboratory