KAMAZ Metallurgy

Tatarstan, Naberzhniye Chelny, 2007

Blacksmithing factory OAO KAMAZ Metallurgy is working with OOO TD Vakuummash since 2005. SInce then we have purchased products to be used in a project to register temperature on thermal equipment, we also worked together in testing high temperature thermocouples of new type.

Currently in our blacksmithing factory are successfully taking place tests of the following measurement and control equipment manufactured by your company:

  • Temperature sensor with standardized output signal UTNN-K-204-1000-T45-NN-4/20/0/2000-0,5 – two items
  • Two-channel controller B-RT-AT2IVR-AT009E3F-RS-2I – 1 item
  • Two-channel controller C1-RT-AT2IVR-AT009E3F-RS-2I – 1item
  • Power amplifier UM 10/16/AS1-9..12 V-800B-F18-60 – 4 items
  • Galvanically isolated RS 485/232 adapter BP 5-RS-G – 1 item

All equipment produced by OOO TD Vakuummash keeps the stated characteristics within the error limits.

Compaints as to the quality of products of OOO TD Vakuummash during the entire use period were not had.

A. A. Kalashnikov
Head blacksmithing factory engineer