Tumenskaya oblast, Tumen, 2010

We would like to bring it ot your attention that quality management system maintained at our company conforms to GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and STO Gasprom 9001-2006.

One of requirements of the QMS is an annual evaluation of suppliers with whom the organization had been in agreed relations, and a notification of supplers of the results of our evaluation.

The suppliers have been evaluated acccording to the following criteria:

  • Level of product quality
  • Level of organizedness of the supplies (presence of all accompanying documentation)
  • Level of loyalty of the supplier (behavior in mutual financial matters, promptness of reactions to found quality problems)
  • Level of prospectiveness of the supplier (presence of quality management system)

We would like to let you know that for the 2009 your company has been ranked as reliable.

We hope for future fruitful and mutually profitable partnership.

A. B. Kudryavtsev
Deputy general director