To the companies in the power industry Vakuummash is offering a wide selection of products for control of temperature in installations and networks of gas-fired and fuel power plants, and other power facilities.

For example, to measure the temperature of:

  • windings in electrical machinery or surfaces of solid bodies which are subject to conditions of increased vibration we developed an RTD TSM-1388-05;
  • small bearings or surfaces of hard bodies working in oil and in conditions of increased vibration we have designed THA-K, THK-K and TZHK of models 302 and 303, as well as RTDs TSMv/TSPv-1388-01/02.

NPO Vakuummash is also offering many other modifications of temperature sensors, including with standardized output signal and explosion-safe marking for use in various environments and mediums.

In terms of protecting the temperature sensor working in high-pressure water and steam processes at pipelines and other pressure vessels, our company manufactures various models of thermowells, which allow mounting of sensors without depressurizing the line.