Cherepovetskaya power plant

Vologodskaya oblas, Kaduy, 2008

The subsidiary OAO OGK-6 Cherepovetskaya power plant, since 2006 is using the products produced by OOO NPO Vakuummash. During this period we have purchased over 200 different kinds of temperature sensors by your company. The pluses of your products ara a wide selection, two-year calibration period, and the provision of product passport with a note on the initial calibration of every item, not just the batch. Also we count as very important the ability of your specialists to provide and information regarding the manufactured products, as well as to make design changes upon customer request. With much gratitude we note your readiness to honor our needs at one time and manufacture the product in very short period, when we had a crisis situation to do with earlier installed sensors.

No complaints regarding the quality of supplied products were had during the use so far. During use the sensors have maintain their metrological characteristics how sufficient mechanical strength and reliability in work in a given aplication environement.

We thank you for mutual work and hope for further fruitful collaboration.

E. A. Smirnov
Deputy director, Head engineer