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NPO Vakuummash is a large Russian manufacturing complex with highly qualified personnel, working to implement the full range of works involved in supply of production automation solutions.

Being 23 years on the market our company has gathered a significant amount of experience. Today we are a team of likeminded professionals who with confidence look into the future. And it is you who give us this confidence — our regular and new clients and partners. We, just like you, are interested in establishing long-term, mutually profitable relationship and are ready to provide technical assistance both in selection of our equipment to meet your needs, as well as during use.

Within the framework of working with our clients our company implements comprehensive solutions everywhere from the project idea to a stable, economcally optimized serial production.

The range of industries where our equipment is operating is wide:

  • Metallurgy and power generation
  • Chemical and oil and gas
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Food production and other industries
Our specialists are constanly working on new projects, modernize existing models, introduce new technologies. Much attention is given to our production equipment: new CNC machines are being added, metrological equipment is being renewed and diversified. Laser welding is being done on an advanced, modern equipment. A number of original manufacturing process and product design solutions have been introduced, such as in tube seaming and tube diameter reduction, graphite sheath fastening system, etc.

We constantly conduct required organizational and technical activities, as well as all R&D activites with the goal of modernizing our products, increasing product longevity and warranty period. Currently our sensors have an extended calibration interval of 5 years.

As an important factor in choosing us a supplier for your equipment needs includes the following considerations:
  • All Vakuummash products conform to the existing government standards
  • All measurement equipment is of a standard type
  • Our company is accredited by federal service for accreditation towards the right to conduct calibration of measurement means
  • Our quality management system is certified to conform to GOST ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2008), registration № РОСС RU.ФК 42.К00097
  • Accreditation registry entry № RA.RU.311319.
We productively use new technologies and are able to introduce smart systems in automation of industrial processes at locations in any place in the world based on any client request.


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